Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dallas County Jail Information

What to expect:
Upon arrival at the detention facility each visitor will fill out a visitors slip to visit the inmate.  The officer working the visitation lobby will write the inmate's book-in-number and tank location on the slip.  The visitor will write on the back of the visitors slip the name, race, date of birth and sex of each person under the age of eighteen (18) who will accompany them to the jail floor to visit  the inmate. Only 2 children per adult.  Persons eighteen (18) years of age and older will be required to have proper identification an must be listed on the inmates visitors card.

The visitor will then be directed through a metal detector or scanned by a hand held metal detector prior to going to the jail floors.  Any visitor is subject to a physical search if probable cause exist.  The officers in the visitation lobby will insure the no items are carried to a jail floor that are prohibited.

Prohibited Items:
Cameras, purses, umbrellas, packages, mace, handbags, paper sacks, cell phones, pagers, cigarettes, cigarette lighters, or matches,or any glass or metal containers.  prohibited items also include glass baby bottles, blankets, strollers, or toys for babies.  Picket knives, and sharp objects, weapons of any kind, or other items which can be used either in its present form or by alteration, as a weapon in the jail are prohibited.

Jail Visitation Rules:    

•  A parent or a legal guardian must accompany minors under the age of 18. Only 2 children per adult may visit.

•  Physical searches of visitors maybe conducted with probable cause.

•  Visitors shall not give any items directly to inmates.

•  Visitors are required to successfully clear the metal detector before being allowed entrance into the secured area.

•  Any disruption in the visitation process could result in visit termination and/or visit restriction.

Age of Visitors:
Children under eighteen (18) years of age will not be allowed to visit unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If you are the legal guardian documentation showing proof may be required.  All children shall visit the same inmate being visited by the accompanying parent or guardian and shall kept  under the supervision of the accompanying adult.  Visitors under the age of (18) who are married to an inmate shall show proof of marriage before visits shall be allowed.

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•  All persons requesting visitation privileges must be in possession of a valid photo identification including:

*  Valid picture state drivers license, paper license renewal must be accompanied by other picture identification
*  Texas Department of Public Safety picture identification card
*  Jail Identification Card
*  Official Government Issued Passport
*  Military Identification Card
*  Alien Registration Card or other valid picture identification card for the United States Government

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