Friday, January 28, 2011

Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Alger County, MI

Alger County Sheriff Department
101 Court St, Munising, MI 49862

Office Hours:
24 hours / 7 days a week
  Phone: (906) 387-4444
  Fax:     (906) 387-5278

The Mission of the Alger County Sheriff's Department is to enforce the laws of the state and county, safeguard life and property, prevent and detect crime, preserve the peace, and protect the rights of all citizens. We will serve all citizens with fairness, integrity, respect and compassion with out discrimination of any persons or groups.

The Alger County Sheriff Department is committed to serving the people of Alger County and the protection of Life and property. We will continue our efforts to make Alger County a better, safer place to live and raise a family or visit and enjoy the natural beauty.

If you need to bail out a loved one in jail in Alger County, Michigan, contact ExpertBail. As the industry’s only true National Brand and leading search site, ExpertBail has bail bond agents in every state that bail can be written. With a network of over 5,000 agents, ExpertBail is the best source for people to find the highest quality bail agents anywhere, anytime.

If you have any questions or comments for Sheriff Hughes, you can email him at

Thursday, January 27, 2011

AmateurBail Agents Place Wager on Superbowl

Those crazy AmateurBail Agents are at it again! Franky and Dirk are die-hard football fans and each wagered their client’s most expensive collateral for their big Superbowl bets this year. We want to know who you are rooting for, let us know by commenting on ExpertBail's facebook page. And remember... don’t rely on an Amateur when there's an Expert waiting to help.

ExpertBail Agents are professional bail bond agents who do their job better than the rest. They are committed to provide quality support to those in need and won't stop until their job is done and it is done right. At the end of the day, ExpertBail Agents are just like you. They are active members in their communities. They donate their time and money to local youth programs. They start non-profit organizations around important causes. They teach our children in the public school system. They work with local and national law enforcement. They are your neighbors, your advisors and your trusted source for help in what can be one of the most difficult times in your life.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Joyce Alexander

ExpertBail Agent: Joyce Alexander

Making A Difference: Joyce Alexander - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -
ExpertBail Agent, Joyce Alexander, hasn’t always been a bail agent. In fact, as a single mother in the 1960’s, she bravely ventured out into the workforce and became a seamstress. She quickly rose to lead her department for the next 19 years. When her children had completed college, Joyce focused on her own education and went back to school where she graduated with her degree at the age of 58. It was at this point that she and her husband, Jim, started their own bail bond company. The determination and commitment that Joyce showed in raising her two children and obtaining her college degree are a hint at the professionalism and passion she brings to her bail bond business.
Today, Joyce and Jim have been happily married for over 20 years, live on a farm and successfully run three bail bond offices, including A & A Credit Bail Bonds in Boyd, Texas. They are completely committed to family and have 10 grandchildren between them.
The next time when you find yourself in a “jam” in Boyd, Texas, make sure to give Joyce a call. If you’re lucky, not only will she help you get out of jail quickly, you might get a jar of her homemade jam as well. So, thank you Joyce for being such an inspirational woman and for being a valuable and Trusted Member of the ExpertBail Network…and yes, thanks for the jam too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Randy Stern

ExpertBail Agent: Randy Stern

Making A Difference: Randy Stern - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -
At first sight, your first impression of Randy Stern would NOT be that of a bail bondsman. Maybe a soccer mom or bank teller, but not a person who frequents the county jail. Her professional background in mental health and working with the elderly would not directly link her to the bail bond industry. David Stern Bail Bonds is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was her father-in-law's business for over 30 years and after his passing in 2008, she took over the family business. This brought her passion for helping people to a whole new industry.

As a licensed clinical social worker, Randy developed her love for helping people and reaching out to those in need. She has used the same approach in her community where she co-founded a volunteer Holiday Outreach Program where she and other Aventura professionals travel to various nursing homes and assisted living facilities singing "golden oldies" to the residents.

Today, Randy applies those social work and psychology skills in her family centered bail bond business. Located directly across the street from the Broward County Jail, David Stern Bail Bonds continues to provide excellent customer service. According to Randy, the career she is most proud of is that of wife and mother. Although her children are still too young to fully understand what she does at the jail, they will surely be proud of how grandpa's business continues to grow and flourish, paving the way for their future.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jail & Bail: Barnstable County, MA

Jail and bail information for Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Sheriff James M. Cummings
Barnstable County Sheriff's Office
6000 Sheriff's Place, Bourne, MA 02532
Phone: 508-563-4300 | Fax: 508-563-4574
Booking Procedures
The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office services a daily inmate population of between 400 and 500. All of these individuals must go through the booking intake process. Each individual received is processed in the same manner:
a. Searched
b. All property taken-logged and bagged
c. Processed through the identification-fingerprints, photos, etc.
d. Medically screened for obvious injuries-medical treatment given if needed at time of booking
e. Booked in and advised of their charges and means of release if any. If unable to secure release they are placed in appropriate facility attire and given the following items:
1. Starter Hygiene Kit
2. 2 Sheets
3. Blanket
4. 2 Jumpsuits
5. Towel
6. Sneakers (1 pair)
After the initial booking process is completed, the individuals are then classified into one of several classifications. The initial classifications are as follows:
High Risk
Medium Risk
Low Risk

From the above, individuals are placed into the appropriate section.

Posting Bail Procedures





Bail bond information
If you need a bail bond agent, go to or call 800.938.2245. ExpertBail Agents are a special type of bail bond agent. They must meet a strict set of criteria that will allow them to bear our brand. When you work with an ExpertBail Agent, you will be working with a bail bond agent who has the experience, knowledge and compassion you need.
Release Procedures
The primary function of the Record’s Department is to ensure the proper and timely release of individuals in our custody.
Types of Releases:
    * Posting Bail
    * Paying Fine Requirements
    * Expiration of Sentence
    * Revise & Revoke
    * Release to Treatment Programs
Upon release, the individual’s canteen account will be closed and a check issued for their balance. If an individual is released at court, they must return to the House of Correction to pick up canteen funds and/or personal effects.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Telling the ExpertBail Story

Eric GranofAs ExpertBail has gained momentum over the past 4 months, more and more people are being exposed to this great brand’s story. In fact, we recently caught the eye of an organization called Marketing Profs. Marketing Profs is the world’s largest online marketing and educational resource site. With over 381,000 users, Marketing Profs is the leader in providing consumers with what is new and interesting in the world of marketing.  AIA has been asked to tell ExpertBail’s story at the upcoming Digital Marketing Conference in Austin, Texas on February 4th. Eric Granof, AIA’s Chief Marketing Officer, will be attending and presenting our unique case study to this influential group of marketing professionals. Stay tuned for more on this as we get closer to the date.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Anthony Dell'omo

Making A Difference: Anthony Dell'omo - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -
When people think of bail bonds in New Jersey, they will think of one man, Anthony Dell’omo. When they think of real estate in New Jersey, they will think of one man, Anthony Dell’omo. In fact, if you ask most people to name one man in any business in New Jersey, there is only one name they know… Anthony Dell’omo.

Anthony is very much the modern day Renaissance man. His personal devotion to his profession makes him strive to not only be good at everything he does, but more importantly, the best. This approach to life extends way beyond Anthony’s business endeavors, but also to his personal ones. Anthony is actively involved in his Church and the Knights of Columbus, where he performs countless charitable activities for his many communities.

Anthony is also a family man in every sense of the word. He works alongside his son and daughter at A.J. Dell'omo Bail & Surety Bonds and actively involves them in everything he does. ExpertBail is proud to call Anthony, his family and his staff Trusted Members of the ExpertBail Network.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jail Population Decreases as the Use of Commercial Bail Increases

WASHINGTON, DC (Jan. 11, 2010) - A new study by the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ) found the number of individuals who were held in jail decreased even through the use of commercial bail bonds has gone up. The overall jail population has decreased from 773,341 in 2007 to 760,400 in 2009.
Michael Hough, public safety resident fellow at the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC) said, “This latest study disproves the myth that the use of bail bonds increases the number of people in jail.  We now know that this connection cannot be made.  The increased use of commercial bail can actually help to alleviate overcrowding in jails.”

This recent study coincides with an earlier DOJ study that found the percentage of individuals who were released from jail on commercial bail increased by 100 percent since 1992.  Today over 40 percent of individuals released from jail have done so on commercial bond.

The National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies, which lobbies for the abolition of commercial bail, released a report in 2009 claiming the pretrial jail population was rapidly increasing due to commercial bail. National Public Radio also made a similar argument in a three-piece report entitled, “Bail Burden Keeps U.S. Jails Stuffed with Inmates.”

While the number of individuals in jail decreased from 2007 to 2009 the number of individuals in prison continued to grow.

Hough said, “Commercial bail is more widely used by local governments and judges because bondsmen are able to quickly free individuals from jail while holding them accountable to return to court to face justice. It is important to note that other factors like a declining crime rate also factored in to the lower jail population, put clearly the anti-private sector bail lobby will have to find something other than jail overcrowding to howl about.”
Original article: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation's largest nonpartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators.
Contact: Raegan Weber
Phone: 202-742-8536

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bail Bonds & Jail: Allegany County, MD

14300 McMullen Highway, S.W.
Cresaptown, Maryland 21502
General Information: Extension 227
Administration: Extension 222

InformationInformation about inmates incarcerated at the Allegany County Detention Center is available to the public. Such information will be provided contingent upon the safety and security of the facility, inmates, and staff, and in accordance with applicable state laws. The telephone number of the detention center is (301) 729-8540, Extension 227.

History of the Detention CenterThe Sheriff of Allegany County has been responsible for protecting the citizens of Allegany County by providing a secure holding facility for persons legally placed in confinement within Allegany County. The Corrections Division of the Sheriff’s Office is mandated to provide for the safety of the inmates placed into its custody by maintaining a humane living environment at the Detention Center, while also providing a safe working environment for the staff of the center. The facility operates upon the following principles:

The physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of inmates are primary concern. A variety of programs are provided to aid interested inmates with their reintegration process.
In order to meet these goals, a sufficient number of trained staff are provided to maintain the operation of the facility. The entire staff of the center are dedicated to providing a correctional program that meets applicable County, State, and Federal standards. Concerted efforts are made to ensure that the inmates’ human rights and dignity are not violated. Captain Roger L. Cutter serves as the Assistant Administrator of the center.

The Detention Center is currently located in Cresaptown, Maryland in the new Direct Supervision facility for which the Grand Opening was held in April of 2002. This new state of the art facility will accommodate 300 inmates upon completion of phase two construction at a later date. The new facility is located at 14300 McMullen Highway (U.S. Rt. 220 south) in Cresaptown, Maryland.

StaffingCurrently, the detention center employs in addition to the Assistant Administrator, one administrative assistant, and a full time certified correctional staff.
Any person who has custodial supervision of inmates must attend a Maryland Police Training Commission approved Correctional Academy before entering the facility to work. This academy runs from 5 to 8 weeks in length, depending upon the location of the academy. Additionally, each officer must complete eighteen hours of approved in-service in order to maintain Correctional Officer certification.

Who can post bond?Any person can post his or her own bond. If the defendant cannot afford to bond him/herself out of jail, they should look to call a bail bondsman.

If you don't have the cash to cover the full bail bond amount, you may wish to hire a professional ExpetBail Bond Agent. ExpertBail is the only true National Bail Bond Network. With bail bond agents in every state that bail can be written, the ExpertBail Network of Agents can service your needs no matter where you or the defendant is located. To contact an ExpertBail Agent, please see the information below.

1-800-938-BAIL (2245)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bail & Jail: Androscoggin County, Maine

Bail & Jail: Androscoggin County, Maine

Androscoggin County Jail
40 Pleasant St.
Auburn ME 04210
(207) 784-3053
Sheriff: Guy P Desjardins

How do I find information about an inmate? The Department of Corrections receives prisoners after they have been tried, convicted, and sentenced to a term of more than nine (9) months. If they are incarcerated prior to conviction, or sentenced to fewer than nine (9) months, they would be in a county jail. We do not have access to those records. You must contact the county jail directly. For public information about offenders who have already been sentenced to more than nine (9) months, you can send an email to In your email please provide the following information:
        * Full name of inmate
        * Date of birth
        * DOC number (if you have it)
        * Your full name
        * Your address
        * A brief statement explaining what information you want and the purpose.
A surprising number of people have the same name. Please include as much identifying information as you can.

Where are all the facilities located?You can find the location information of each facility by going to the facilities page.

I am a family member of an inmate, how do I find out how he/she is doing?
The inmate controls the release of information to family and friends. If the inmate does not inform you of how he/she is doing you may contact the inmate's case manager by calling the facility where he/she is located.

How do I find information about obtaining a bail bond or finding out how to locate a bail bondsmen?
To speak with a trustworthy and professional bail bondsman in Androscoggin County, Maine, call 800.938.2245 or visit ExpertBail Agents are professional bail bond agents who do their job better than the rest. They are committed to provide quality support to those in need and won't stop until their job is done and it is done right.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bail & Jail Information: Allen County, LA

Bail & Jail Information: Allen County, LA
Allen Parish Sheriff's Office:
601 Court Street
Oberlin, LA 70655
Phone: 337-639-4353
Fax:  337-639-2855

The Allen parish Correctional Center was established in 1913. The newer facility, what was put into service in 1966 houses the inmates, it is called The White House. Presently, the corrections facility is able to house 41 prisoners, deu to the fact that they have more than the facility available, they can actually hold approximately 45 additional inmates. The corrections facility is manger by the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Department Personnel.

Do you know somoene in Allen County, Louisana who needs a bail bond? is the largest network of bail bond agents nationwide. Call 800.938.2245 or follow the link for a trusted bail bondsman.

A.P.S.O.’s Mission:

The mission of the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office is to provide the finest public safety services to all those within Allen Parish. To accomplish this mission, we will work in unison with other law enforcement and community agencies to enforce and uphold all laws for which we are responsible. The Sheriff's Office will maintain a secure, safe and orderly jail that recognizes the dignity of all individuals, while adhering to the standards and guidelines set forth by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. The Sheriff's Office will serve by protecting individual rights, safeguarding public and private property, assisting in emergency situations, and performing all other essential services. In order to accomplish this mission, the Sheriff's Office will implement the most extensive training and schooling provided. We will maintain the highest level of integrity while working diligently and professionally to provide a safe environment for the public and our members.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Adam Buffington

Adam Buffington

Making A Difference: Adam Buffington - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman - ExpertBail.comAdam Buffington is not just a member of the ExpertBail family of Agents, but more importantly, he is a leader in his profession. A former semi-pro football player, Adam is definitely not the stereotype that one would expect. He is a passionate and caring person who is devoted to his family, his business and his community. With three young girls and a little boy of his own, Adam understands the important role he has as a father in shaping and cultivating his children’s outlook and journey through life.
Unfortunately, many of the young men that Adam works with on a daily basis that find themselves in trouble or in the worst case, jail, do not have a strong and positive, father-type role model in their lives. In fact, many of them turn to Adam for advice and guidance after they meet him during the bail bond process. It was this growing set of interactions that led Adam to create a non-profit organization to help mentor young men who have lost their way and gotten themselves into trouble. As Adam puts it, “There are so many young men who we bail out who don’t know how to be men. I think with this business, I have a unique opportunity to minister those people, and help them get back on their feet in the right way.”

Adam is committed to continuing the legacy of the bail bond business that has been so rewarding to him. “This industry needs more young, entrepreneur types that understand the true purpose of this business…which is to help people in a difficult time and bring families together. That element often gets lost. There is a legacy of honesty, integrity and caring that our predecessors created in this business and it is up to my generation to advance that.”

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bailgating Across America

Bailgating Across America

ExpertBail Tailgate Party
KC Cheerleader visiting ExpertBail Tailgate Party  

This past Sunday in Kansas City, Missouri, the ExpertBail team was out in full force along with thousands of die-hard Chief fans. As a conclusion to our regular season of Bailgating across America Campaign, ExpertBail was at the Raiders/Chiefs game barbecuing burgers and brats and trying to keep warm. Even though it was a brisk 16 degrees outside, the turnout was amazing, including ExpertBail bail bondsmen, AIA employees, Chief fans and even the Chiefs’ cheerleaders and marching band. Everyone had a great time eating food and throwing around the football…but most of all, people got to learn more about ExpertBail, the bail bond industry and interact with the team. To see more pictures of this event, check out our album on Facebook.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that ExpertBail is quickly approaching 1,600 Facebook fans. Are you a fan? Follow the link to become one,, and keep up with the latest and greatest from the ExpertBail Network.

Are you an ExpertBail Agent who is interested in having a party to promote ExpertBail and your business? Please contact us at to learn more.

ExpertBail Tailgate Party
Kansas City Chiefs Marching Band learn about bail bonds.

ExpertBail Tailgate Party
Kansas City Chiefs Fans meet bail bondsmen
ExpertBail Tailgate Party
Kansas City Bail Bonds