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ExpertBail Agent: Jeremy Hubbard, Making a Difference

ExpertBail Agent: Jeremy Hubbard, Making a Difference

Making A Difference: Jeremy Hubbard - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman - ExpertBail.com
If there is a mold that ExpertBail Agent Jeremy Hubbard fits, it is definitely the one that was broken afterwards. He is not only a unique bail agent, but an even more unique and truly special person.
After serving 6 years in the army and bouncing at a local night club, Jeremy found his way into bail through the fugitive recovery industry. Looking to put himself through college, Jeremy fell in love with bail and really saw it as an opportunity to help people. It was at this time that he met Bryan Nester, a long time agent in Vancouver who was looking to start his own business, and became Bryan’s first employee.
Understanding the role the bail plays in the criminal justice system and the impact that it potentially has on public safety, Jeremy has become an advocate for the industry. He spends a great deal of his time educating the public, legislators and judges on the benefits and advantages of commercial bail. To say that Jeremy is active in his local state bail association is an understatement. In fact, he recently became president of the Washington State Bail Agents Association. In his first act as President, Jeremy has been traveling around the state talking with agents trying to get them more involved in the industry. He also talks with key influencers to try and best understand how the WSBAA can be most effective in supporting and growing the commercial bail industry.
Jeremy’s commitment to helping people extends far beyond bail. Jeremy is actively involved in his community as well as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, where he gets arrested each year as part of a charity event and needs to raise money to bail himself out. Over the past 7 years, Jeremy has raised thousands of dollars for this great cause. Recently Jeremy went as far as getting “tasered” for charity. Follow the link to check out the video, ExpertBail Agent, Jeremy Hubbard, gets tasered.
We would like to thank Jeremy for everything that he does. He is truly reflective of the ExpertBail brand and we are proud to know that he is a trusted agent in our Network.

Bail Bond & Jail Information, Baker County, Florida

Baker County, Florida Jail
56 N 2nd St
Macclenny, Fl 32063-2206
Phone: 904.259.3311

Detention Center:
The Baker County Detention Center is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The division is comprised of twenty three full time and two part time employees.  The Baker County Detention Center is a 130 bed secure facility.  The facility is divided into five sections which include, jail, foodservice, medical service, operations center, and inmate work squads.  The Detention Division assists other government agencies by assigning minimum custody inmates to assist governmental employees such as animal control,  court house, county maintenance, Tri-County Landfill, and the Baker County School System. Six days a week Baker County inmates are hard at work cleaning and beautifying our community at minimal  costs to local tax payers.

Bail Bond Agent InformationIs someone you know in trouble in Alachua County, Florida? Follow the link to find a trusted bail bond agent.

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Jason Meyerson

Jason Meyerson - ExpertBail Agent

Having the ability to impact someone’s life that may be headed down the wrong path is something that one Orange County ExpertBail Agent prides himself on. When a young man or woman finds themselves in trouble and their family or friends go to Jason Meyerson’s Bail Bond Professionals office, they learn they have options in helping their loved one. While Meyerson advises the parents, friends, etc. about the responsibility associated with signing as an indemnitor on a bond, he also takes the opportunity to send a strong message to the young person who is being bailed out.  By sitting down with the defendant and the indemnitor together, Meyerson is able to try and provide a little wisdom to the young person through explaining the details of their release. By informing all the parties involved about the consequences of not meeting the obligations of the bail bond agreement (i.e., if they continue to get into trouble) the indemnitor can call him and tell him they no longer want to be liable for this bond and he will pick up the defendant and put them back into custody. This candid and educational approach sends a very powerful message to the defendant. Understanding the conditions set for them and what happens if they violate them, young adults can be essentially “scared straight” and have their eyes opened toward what it takes to be a responsible adult. Parents are empowered by this approach and over the years Meyerson has helped many young men and women find the right path.

Getting into the bail bond business for Meyerson came out of a lifelong friendship with someone who was in the bail business. Meyerson grew up in Los Angeles but moved to Monterey, CA in 1991 to work in the cycling industry and race bicycles. After his first child was born he accepted a job in Newport Beach and moved to Orange County. Out of a desire to become a business owner and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Jason began working and learning the business from his friend Chris Kiperman. They worked together for two years before forming a partnership. Today, Kiperman and Meyerson each own a Bail Bond Professionals office, with Kiperman in Los Angeles and Meyerson in Orange County. These partners share a unique “hands-on” business model, treating their indemnitors and defendants with dignity, respect and a personal touch that larger businesses generally fail to provide. This model has worked well for them as shown by the amount of referrals they receive.

Meyerson is also serves as the Vice President of the Orange County Bail Agents Association and is very active in supporting local groups in his community, including the Santa Ana Community Center and the Tustin Police Department. Meyerson’s entire organization is committed to playing a positive role in the community and participating in events and fundraisers supporting schools other charities throughout the city. Having an impact on young lives is all in a day’s work for this ExpertBail Agent.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Delaware Department of Correction

Department of Correction (DOC)

Delaware Department of Correction

Contact Information:Bureau of Prisons
Department of Correction
Administration Building
245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 857-5221

Jail InformationThe Delaware Department of Correction supervises about 7,000 inmates in its prisons and community corrections centers, as well as  approximately 17,000 probationers in the community.
The Department is the only government operated correction agency in the State.  Delaware runs what is called a unified corrections system.  Delaware has no regional, county or municipal correction or jail system and no separate probation system.  Offenders immediately become the responsibility of the State, including:  pre-trial and sentenced, misdemeanor and felony, and jail and prison and all community based sanctions.
* Data reveals the State corrections effort is largely a jail system with approximately 20,000 offenders admitted for incarceration and 20,000 released each year.
* Currently, 57% are sentenced to serve more than one year. 24% are sentenced to less than one year. The remaining 19% are offenders in detention status (either prior to conviction/acquittal or held awaiting sentencing). In Delaware, prison is defined as those serving one or more years. Jail is defined as those serving less than a year.
* Many in detention are held solely because they cannot make bail. These numbers reflect the huge volume of people flowing into Delaware correctional facilities.
* Approximately 97% of the inmate population will eventually be released to the community.
* It costs about $30,000 a year to incarcerate one inmate. Prisons are about 20 times more costly per person, per day than regular probation.

Follow the link if you need a bail bond agent in Delware.

* In its commitment to public safety, the Department of Correction will assure every offender is fully accountable to themselves, to their families, to their victims, to their neighbors and, to their community.
* This accountability has a short-term and a long-term component. The short-term component incorporates the traditional functions such as tight security of prisons and effective surveillance and supervision in the community. The long-term component requires growth and development by offenders through their participation in programming such as: conflict resolution, education, substance abuse treatment, vocational training and community service.
* The Department will require offenders to participate in those programs documented to have a positive effect on offenders remaining crime free.

The mission of the Bureau of Prisons is to provide overall administrative support for Delaware's four state prisons.  These correctional facilities provide sanctions for sentenced offenders and pre-trial detention services for offenders awaiting disposition of criminal charges.  The four facilities housing inmates sentenced to Level V sanctions provide:
* Protection for the public through incarceration of the offender.
* Protection for the public through rehabilitation of the offender to prevent future crime.
* A safe and humane living environment for the incarcerated offender.
* A safe and appropriate working environment for staff.
* A range of correctional programs necessary to meet the needs of both society and the individual while implementing court-ordered sanctions in the least restrictive environment consistent with public safety.

Delaware's Four correctional institutions are:
    Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution (BWCI)
    James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (formerly Delaware Correctional Center (DCC))
    Howard R.Young Correctional Institution (HRYCI)
    Sussex Correctional Institution (SCI)

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Making A Difference: Stephen Owens - Bail Bond Agent

Stephen Owens

Making A Difference: Stephen Owens - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman - ExpertBail.com
Stephen Owens has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with his undergrad in accounting and business. In addition, he is a volunteer fireman and an EMT of 13 years. Oh and did we mention that he is an ExpertBail Agent? Owens started college in the late 1990’s with one intention, playing football. But as his college years were winding down and the reality of life struck him, he found himself in a place of uncertainty. It was at that time that he was introduced to Jan Jordan, a bail industry veteran in Oklahoma.
Stephen was so fascinated and intrigued by the bail bond industry and what it stood for; he told his wife that he was going into the career of bail bondsmen. Her reaction: “YOU ARE DOING WHAT?” She assumed that bondsmen were dirty, crooked and get bad people out of jail. It was then that he explained to her that the bail industry has a very negative perception and that he wanted to be a part of changing it.

It was in 2001 when Stephen started Owens Bonding. He learned early on that some of the negative perception of bail bondsmen was actually true. While his competition tried to sabotage his advertising, he stuck to his morals and ran his business by his own set of high standards: Treat people with dignity and respect and they will treat you with the same. His morals and high standards have paid off and made him one of the prominent bail agents in Kansas.

Today Stephen continues his efforts of raising the bar in the bail industry. Owens Bonding has 9 offices throughout Kansas, 12 agents and 4 support staff. He is working to equip his offices and people working with him with the latest technology to make the paper intensive job of posting a bail bond easier. He also has started a clothing line with profits going to local charities. Stephen doesn’t brag about his charity work, he looks at is as his duty to give back to the public. Stephen Owens is another example of what makes ExpertBail Agents the best at serving their communities.

Correctional Center in Hartford County, Connecticut

Correctional Center in Hartford County, Connecticut

177 Weston Street
Hartford, CT 06120
Phone:  (860) 240-1800
Fax:  (860) 566-2725
Warden:  Edward Maldonado
Deputy Wardens:
Sandy Bundy
William Mulligan

Population as of July 1, 2010:
Accused:  955
Sentenced:  179
Total:  1,134

General Information:
The Hartford Correctional Center is committed to protecting the public and staff by providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment for all persons remanded to its custody, and to promoting the responsible behavior of each such individual. The Hartford Correctional Center strives to create a facility that promotes professionalism, excellence, and dignity for its employees.

This level 4, high-security urban jail holds primarily pretrial offenders and serves superior courts in Bristol, Enfield, Hartford, Manchester, Middletown, New Britain, Rockville and West Hartford.
The Hartford Correctional Center also oversees this agency's 12-bed Medical-Surgical Ward at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington. The Medical-Surgical Ward is a level 5 co-ed inpatient/outpatient program. The high security medical ward, on a yearly basis processes nearly 350 inpatients and more than 2,200 outpatients.
Present staffing: 337.
Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility

The Hartford Correctional Center was opened in 1977. Designed as a level 4 pretrial facility for adult males. It is situated on 10 acres.
In 1990, the addition of Dormitory 1 and 2 was opened.
In 1991, the addition of Dormitory 3 and 4 was opened.
During 1998 and 1999 Dormitory 3 and 4 were partitioned with cages.

Bail bonds for Hartford County Jail can be found through ExpertBail, the nation's largest network of trusted bail agents.

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Bail Bond & Jail Information: Hartford County, Maryland

Are you in need of a bail bond in Hartford County, Maryland?
Do not worry. We understand that seeking out a bail bond is not something that anyone ever plans for or expects. That's why we are here. We have obtained the finest bail bond agents and gathered them for you in our Network. Instead of pointing a finger in a phone book or drawing a name out of a hat, you can believe that ExpertBail.com is the most trusted resource for bail bonds in the nation.

Do you need jail information for Hartford County, Maryland?1030 Rock Spring Road
Bel Air, MD 21014

The Harford County Detention Center opened in 1973 with a capacity of 100 inmates. Alterations and additions were constructed over the years with the last expansion opening in 1997, increasing the capacity to 474. Thirty-three beds are considered temporary housing and are not included in the capacity total. Those beds are reserved for classification housing, isolation, and medical cells. Yet another expansion is in the final stages with construction scheduled to begin during the summer of 2008, which will add 288 beds to the facility for a total capacity of 762.

Public visitation shall be conducted for all inmates in the main level visiting area according to the following visiting hours schedule:
Sunday  0900 – 1100  Female Inmates & Lower Level Male Inmates
1200 – 1500  Housing Units E, F, G, H, J, K, W (when W houses male inmates), Medical Isolation Males
Wednesday  0900 – 1100  Female Inmates & Lower Level Male Inmates
1200 – 1500  Main Level Male Inmates
Saturday  0900 – 1100  Female Inmates & Lower Level Male Inmates
1200 – 1500  Housing Units B, C, D, R, S, T, Isolation Males

Visitors shall not be accepted after fifteen minutes before the end of each visiting session. Cameras, cell phones or other recording devices are not permitted in the visiting area. Violation by any visitor of this regulation will result in banning of the visitor from the facility.

Inmates may receive mail addressed to them under the following conditions:
    * The mail must be properly addressed to the inmate and contain his identification number. Detention Center staff may not provide you that number. The inmate must give you that identification number. If the mail does not have the identification number on the envelope, it will not be delivered.
    * Detention Center staff open and screen all mail for contraband. They open legal mail in the presence of the inmate.
    * Requested books, publications, etc., must come from the publisher.
    * Inmates cannot receive packages.
    * Inmates may make telephone calls from phones within the dormitories. These calls must be made as collect calls – calling cards MAY NOT be used.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pitkin County, Colorado Jail Information

Pitkin County, Colorado Jail

530 E Main Street
Dept J
Aspen, CO  81611

Phone: (970) 920-5331
Fax: (970) 920-5489

Hours:  24 hours / 7 days a week
The Pitkin County Jail is a division of the Sheriff's Office. It is located in Aspen, immediately behind the Court House and adjacent to the parking garage. Jail staff is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. What address may I use to send a letter to someone who is incarcerated?   
Inmate Name
506 E Main St Dept J
Aspen, CO 81611

2. What are the rules about what I may send or bring to an inmate?
No food or drink items are allowed. Cash or money orders (no personal checks); minimal amount of reading materials (inmates have access to our Public Library); CD's & cassette tapes in limited quantities (inmates allowed no more than 12 at a time).

3. Is it possible to send money by mail addressed to the inmate?
Envelope can be addressed to the inmate.

4. How do I visit an inmate at your facility?
Visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. First time visitors will fill out a questionaire when visiting an inmate. Visitors must present PHOTO IDs on each visit. 3 visitors are allowed at one time. Visits are no-contact using visitor phones.

5. Do I have to be on a visiting list?
No, please read answer given on question 4.

6. Will I be searched when I visit?Visitors are asked to empty their pockets and place jackets, hats, etc and place in locked locker before entering the jail. No contraband is allowed, including cigarettes and matches.

7. How should I act and dress when visiting an inmate?
Visitors should be fully dressed in appropriate, conventional clothing which is not unduly provocative, suggestive or revealing. Jail staff may deny a visit to a person who is inappropriately dressed. Visitors (and inmates) are accountable to conduct themselves in such a manner as to not bring suspicion nor discredit upon themselves or be disruptive or offend the sensibilities of other visitors.

8. Why would visit be denied?
If visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a visitor refuses to follow visiting rules & regulations or has no photo ID. If a visitor attempts to introduce contraband. If a visitor creates a disturbance. If an inmate is in lockdown status. An inmate may refuse a visit.

9. Do you do fingerprints for anyone?
We do fingerprints for anyone except for Immigration purposes. Hours for fingerprints are 8:30am to 11:00am, Wednesday through Sunday mornings. A cash fee of $5, exact change please, will be required for this service. Due to circumstances beyond our control, please call 920-5331 before heading to the Jail. We do not schedule appointments.

10. How do I get a bail bond to release an inmate?
To get a list of trusted bail bond agents in Pitkin County, Colorado, contact ExpertBail. ExpertBail.com is the only true National Bail Bond Network. With bail bond agents in every state that bail can be written, the ExpertBail Network of Agents can service your needs no matter where you or the defendant is located.

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ExpertBail Agent: Gloria Mitchell

ExpertBail: Bail Bond Agent, Gloria Mitchell

Gloria Mitchell is a second generation bail agent and has been working in the bail industry for over 20 years.  Following in the footsteps of her mother, Gloria received her bail license and has owned her own bail business for the past 15 years.

What makes Gloria such a wonderful bail agent is not the work she does every day in her office, but more importantly the work she does every day outside her office.  For the past several years, Gloria has worked with Soroptimist International in Puente Hills, CA.  Through her work with this group, as a member and past President, she saw an unique opportunity to branch off and work with teenage mothers.

Gloria created a program called "Tea for You" (Teen Mothers Excelling through Adversities).  She works closely with teachers and students from fifteen Cal-SAFE Schools to provide resources and support for pregnant teens and teen mothers.  The organization holds a special a day each May (and has for the past 5 years) to provide these teen girls an opportunity to experience a high tea luncheon with women who were also teen mothers.  They get a chance to share stories and experiences of how these women have continued on to become professionals in business. Gloria is completely committed to the success of this program.  According to Gloria, “I see bright futures in these girls and with the help of Soroptimist Scholarship Program and support from the surrounding business we can encourage them to stay in school, and continue on to higher education.  Ultimately we want them to use their adversities as stepping stones to reach their goals. By building strength and confidence and never giving up they will improve their lives and the lives their children.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jail Information for Fresno County, California

Jail Information for Fresno County, California
Fresno Sheriff's Office
2200 Fresno Street
Fresno, California 93721
Main Information - (559) 488-3939

The employees of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office are committed to a fully integrated criminal justice system, which ensures public safety. We set a standard of professionalism and correctional excellence through our operation of safe, secure and humane correctional facilities. through innovative ideas and an empowered work force, we provide opportunities for positive behavioral change, knowledge and skill development, and community reparation. Detention Programs and Services work collaboratively with community, other agencies, and stakeholders in pursuit of this mission.

Offender (Inmate) Information - (559) 488-3031
Information provided at this number includes:

* Whether or not an offender is currently in custody
* Current charges
* Release dates
* Bail amounts

Follow the link if you need a bail bond agent in Fresno County, California.

Inmate Programs

Detention Programs and Services are outcome-driven and designed to produce individuals whom, upon returning to the community are safe, self-sufficient, healthy, out-of-trouble, at home, in school or at work. Additionally, the bureau is committed to the inmate's character development. the Six Pillars of character as identified by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, are the core ethical values that form the foundation of the development and delivery of programs and services, and behavioral expectations of the inmate population. These six pillars of character are:

1. Trustworthiness
2. Respect
3. Responsibility
4. Fairness
5. Caring
6. Citizenship.

Academic and Life Skills

The Delma Graves Adult school is administered by Fresno County Office of Education and offers Literacy, Adult Basic Education/General Education Development (ABE/GED), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Personal Skills Development (Life Skills) education. Academic education is offered to both sentenced and pre-sentenced inmates. The Life Skills courses include:

* Cognitive Thinking
* Work Attitude and Behavior
* Relationships
* Seeking Employment
* Money Management
* Interpersonal Skills

Other Programs and Services
offered to male and female sentenced and pre-sentenced inmates:
* Religious Programs
* Chaplaincy Services
* Law and Recreational Reading Library Services
* Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meeting and Resources
* Community Resources and Services Information and Referral
* Health/Wellness/Recreation Services
* Child Support Responsibility Information and Referral
* Marriages

Court Information
To obtain court date information, please call 488-3388.