Thursday, December 16, 2010

ExpertBail Agent: Ann Teague, Making a Difference

Ann Teague

Making A Difference: Ann Teague - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman - ExpertBail.comAs the population of women in the bail bond industry continues to grow, ExpertBail Agent and 30 year veteran of the bail industry, Ann Teague (Ann Teague Bonding Agency, Inc.) knows that things haven’t always been that way for women in bail.

In fact, Ann remembers back when police officers did not appreciate the presence of women when dealing with prisoners… and according to Ann, they were not shy about telling her that fact. However, Ann was all about business and she made it her mission to not only win and earn their acceptance, but rather to be the best bail agent in the business.
We are happy to say that Ann has accomplished that mission.

Today, Ann has become a true leader in the bail bond industry. In fact, she is a past president of one of the bail industry’s state associations and a current president of her local association. Her perseverance and positive attitude has made her a successful Jacksonville business woman and a compassionate and caring influence for all her customers.  She is committed to serving the public and the protecting their rights to privacy and security. She understands the sensitivity that comes with bailing a loved one out of jail and she does what she can to ensure that her clients are taken care of in every way possible.

Please join us in thanking Ann for everything she does. She is not only a role model for women, but for all bail agents…and we are proud to call her an ExpertBail Agent.

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