Friday, January 21, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Randy Stern

ExpertBail Agent: Randy Stern

Making A Difference: Randy Stern - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -
At first sight, your first impression of Randy Stern would NOT be that of a bail bondsman. Maybe a soccer mom or bank teller, but not a person who frequents the county jail. Her professional background in mental health and working with the elderly would not directly link her to the bail bond industry. David Stern Bail Bonds is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was her father-in-law's business for over 30 years and after his passing in 2008, she took over the family business. This brought her passion for helping people to a whole new industry.

As a licensed clinical social worker, Randy developed her love for helping people and reaching out to those in need. She has used the same approach in her community where she co-founded a volunteer Holiday Outreach Program where she and other Aventura professionals travel to various nursing homes and assisted living facilities singing "golden oldies" to the residents.

Today, Randy applies those social work and psychology skills in her family centered bail bond business. Located directly across the street from the Broward County Jail, David Stern Bail Bonds continues to provide excellent customer service. According to Randy, the career she is most proud of is that of wife and mother. Although her children are still too young to fully understand what she does at the jail, they will surely be proud of how grandpa's business continues to grow and flourish, paving the way for their future.

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