Thursday, February 10, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Tedd Wallace

Making A Difference: Tedd Wallace - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -
When you look at someone’s professional resume, it is always pretty easy to see what that person does for a living. However, that is not true for ExpertBail Agent, Tedd Wallace, whose resume reads more like that of a modern day presidential candidate.

Here are a few highlights:
•    Proudly served in the Marine Corps
•    Licensed pilot
•    Licensed SCUBA
•    Member of the Pioneers of Alaska
•    Educator (High School and Junior College) -28 years
•    Stanford University Faculty - 2 years
•    Sport Manager and Venue Director, Los Angeles Olympic Committee, Judo
•    Director, National Football League/Stanford, Super Bowl XIX Stadium Development
•    Owner and developer Los Gatos Brewing Company

And yes, he is also a bail agent, but not just any bail agent, an ExpertBail Agent. Even the “bail bond agent” portion of his resume is impressive. Tedd has been the owner of Tedd Wallace Bail Bonds in San Jose, CA for over 25 years. He also serves as President of the Santa Clara Bail Agents Association as well as is Vice President and Chairman of the Board of the California Bail Agents Association. To say Tedd likes to be involved is an understatement. To say everyone wants Tedd to be involved is an absolute truth.

Tedd brings a level of professionalism, experience, knowledge and excitement to the bail bond industry that very few agents can claim. His satisfied and loyal clients rely on him for that, and his ExpertBail colleagues thank him for it. Tedd you are a true role model and we are honored to call you an ExpertBail Agent.

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