Friday, October 29, 2010

Pulaski County, Arkansas Detention Facility

Pulaski County, Arkansas Detention Facility
3201 W Roosevelt Rd
Little Rock, AR 72204-5662
(501) 340-7000
Chief of Detention: Randy Morgan
Detention Telephone: 501-340-7000

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Inmate Services
The Inmate Services Section coordinates with community based programs in order to bring self-help programs to the inmates.  The programs are designed to integrate community support and control the recidivism rate of the inmates, through a classroom setting and instructional media.  The Inmate Services Section also coordinates with the court system to provide intervention classes to the inmates during their incarceration.  In addition to self-help programs, the Inmate Services Section provides the opportunity for inmates to get haircuts, phone calling cards and indigent supplies.  They also operate the inmate barbershop.

Inmate Visitation
The Visitation Clerks are primarily the first person to greet the public. They respond to visitors, clergy, attorneys, law enforcement agencies and rehabilitation agencies when requesting visitation with inmates. There is one sworn deputy and four civilian clerks assigned to Visitation. The clerks schedule over 2000 appointments per month, on average.

Inmate Disciplinary
Inmates are subject to disciplinary actions for violating rules and regulations. The average number of disciplinary hearings conducted each day is fifteen. There are approximately ten appeals filed and completed each day. A file is also, created and maintained on each inmate with a gang affiliation, listing known areas of association, tattoos and street nicknames.

Inmate Coordinator
All inmates committed to the PCRDF are monitored by the Inmate Coordinator’s Office.  Time computation is maintained on approximately 150 inmates daily.  Approximately 220 inmates are monitored for the weekend/day work program.  Inmate Release Lists are completed each day with approximately 10 inmates listed.  Inmate Request Forms are answered daily at an average of 25 per day.

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