Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recent ExpertBail PR Interviews

This has been a busy week for the ExpertBail Team! The good news is that the ExpertBail Story is continuing to spread like wildfire amongst the media. Jerry Watson, AIA Chief Legal Officer - AIA, along with ExpertBail Agent, Adam Buffington, were both interviewed by local radio stations. They had the opportunity to not only talk about the ExpertBail Network, but to also educate and clear up some misperceptions surrounding the bail bond industry. Click on the links below to hear some of the interviews.

•    Jerry was interviewed this morning on KXNT- FM & AM in Las Vegas. The interview will air later this week on 5 stations in the Las Vegas Area including KXNT FM & AM, KMXB-FM, KLUC-FM and KXTE-FM. Stay tuned for further airing information.

•    Jerry was interviewed live last evening on 710 WLW AM (Cincinnati’s #1 radio station). Follow the link to hear Jerry's bail bond interview.

•    ExpertBail Agent, Adam Buffington, was interviewed live yesterday morning on KDAL 610 AM. He discussed ExpertBail, his bail agency, the role he plays in his community, as well as the bail bond industry.

•    Lastly, Jerry did a live interview with Lars Larson on his National Radio Program on Thursday, February 17. Follow the link to hear Jerry's bail bond interview.

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