Friday, November 12, 2010

Delaware Department of Correction

Department of Correction (DOC)

Delaware Department of Correction

Contact Information:Bureau of Prisons
Department of Correction
Administration Building
245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 857-5221

Jail InformationThe Delaware Department of Correction supervises about 7,000 inmates in its prisons and community corrections centers, as well as  approximately 17,000 probationers in the community.
The Department is the only government operated correction agency in the State.  Delaware runs what is called a unified corrections system.  Delaware has no regional, county or municipal correction or jail system and no separate probation system.  Offenders immediately become the responsibility of the State, including:  pre-trial and sentenced, misdemeanor and felony, and jail and prison and all community based sanctions.
* Data reveals the State corrections effort is largely a jail system with approximately 20,000 offenders admitted for incarceration and 20,000 released each year.
* Currently, 57% are sentenced to serve more than one year. 24% are sentenced to less than one year. The remaining 19% are offenders in detention status (either prior to conviction/acquittal or held awaiting sentencing). In Delaware, prison is defined as those serving one or more years. Jail is defined as those serving less than a year.
* Many in detention are held solely because they cannot make bail. These numbers reflect the huge volume of people flowing into Delaware correctional facilities.
* Approximately 97% of the inmate population will eventually be released to the community.
* It costs about $30,000 a year to incarcerate one inmate. Prisons are about 20 times more costly per person, per day than regular probation.

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* In its commitment to public safety, the Department of Correction will assure every offender is fully accountable to themselves, to their families, to their victims, to their neighbors and, to their community.
* This accountability has a short-term and a long-term component. The short-term component incorporates the traditional functions such as tight security of prisons and effective surveillance and supervision in the community. The long-term component requires growth and development by offenders through their participation in programming such as: conflict resolution, education, substance abuse treatment, vocational training and community service.
* The Department will require offenders to participate in those programs documented to have a positive effect on offenders remaining crime free.

The mission of the Bureau of Prisons is to provide overall administrative support for Delaware's four state prisons.  These correctional facilities provide sanctions for sentenced offenders and pre-trial detention services for offenders awaiting disposition of criminal charges.  The four facilities housing inmates sentenced to Level V sanctions provide:
* Protection for the public through incarceration of the offender.
* Protection for the public through rehabilitation of the offender to prevent future crime.
* A safe and humane living environment for the incarcerated offender.
* A safe and appropriate working environment for staff.
* A range of correctional programs necessary to meet the needs of both society and the individual while implementing court-ordered sanctions in the least restrictive environment consistent with public safety.

Delaware's Four correctional institutions are:
    Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution (BWCI)
    James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (formerly Delaware Correctional Center (DCC))
    Howard R.Young Correctional Institution (HRYCI)
    Sussex Correctional Institution (SCI)

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