Monday, November 8, 2010

Bail Bond & Jail Information: Hartford County, Maryland

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The Harford County Detention Center opened in 1973 with a capacity of 100 inmates. Alterations and additions were constructed over the years with the last expansion opening in 1997, increasing the capacity to 474. Thirty-three beds are considered temporary housing and are not included in the capacity total. Those beds are reserved for classification housing, isolation, and medical cells. Yet another expansion is in the final stages with construction scheduled to begin during the summer of 2008, which will add 288 beds to the facility for a total capacity of 762.

Public visitation shall be conducted for all inmates in the main level visiting area according to the following visiting hours schedule:
Sunday  0900 – 1100  Female Inmates & Lower Level Male Inmates
1200 – 1500  Housing Units E, F, G, H, J, K, W (when W houses male inmates), Medical Isolation Males
Wednesday  0900 – 1100  Female Inmates & Lower Level Male Inmates
1200 – 1500  Main Level Male Inmates
Saturday  0900 – 1100  Female Inmates & Lower Level Male Inmates
1200 – 1500  Housing Units B, C, D, R, S, T, Isolation Males

Visitors shall not be accepted after fifteen minutes before the end of each visiting session. Cameras, cell phones or other recording devices are not permitted in the visiting area. Violation by any visitor of this regulation will result in banning of the visitor from the facility.

Inmates may receive mail addressed to them under the following conditions:
    * The mail must be properly addressed to the inmate and contain his identification number. Detention Center staff may not provide you that number. The inmate must give you that identification number. If the mail does not have the identification number on the envelope, it will not be delivered.
    * Detention Center staff open and screen all mail for contraband. They open legal mail in the presence of the inmate.
    * Requested books, publications, etc., must come from the publisher.
    * Inmates cannot receive packages.
    * Inmates may make telephone calls from phones within the dormitories. These calls must be made as collect calls – calling cards MAY NOT be used.


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